About us

JustHelping is a UK charity founded in 2012 with a vision to inspire and support people, businesses, charities and other organisations to contribute to their community.

We organise fun community events that provide a platform for volunteering and fundraising for local charities. JustHelping is developing a network of volunteer teams across the UK. 

JustHelping is governed by the Trustees who volunteer their time to help direct the work of the charity. The charity employs a full time Chief Executive, a small administrative team and volunteers who are a vital force behind our work throughout the year.

Our vision

Our vision is for a life where community is at the heart of our society. A life where people pull together to take care of the vulnerable and less fortunate, together with their environment, in their towns and villages. A life where 'contribution' means so much more than just paying taxes.

Our inspiration

JustHelping is incredibly grateful for the inspiration and leadership shown by the Anthony Robbins Foundation - Basket Brigade , ECH Trees - the East Cheshire Hospice Christmas tree collection and the Round Table - Santa's Sleigh.  If you are also inspired by our vision please join us - your community needs your help.


From raising money to creating awareness,      corporate partnerships are vital to us. 

We value the support of local businesses through match funding, fundraising or volunteering. With a better social responsibility profile, companies stand out from the crowd with highly motivated staff.


You can make a difference by becoming a JustHelping volunteer

You can make a real difference by becoming a JustHelping volunteer. 

Click here to get involved.


Our invaluable partners

Our partners provide invaluable services, information and resources for us throughout the year to run our organisation and the events including the Charity Christmas tree recycling scheme.  

In addition to the hospices, we also work closely with with many organisations such as NAHF and The Arboricultural Association who provide support on a reduced cost or free basis.



Mobica help us with our website, IT administration and enable us to manage and navigate through thousands of donations.


121 provide the routing and mapping which enables the volunteers to collect the Christmas trees in the most efficient way possible.


The Experian software enables data capture of your postcode so that we will collect your tree from your home or business address.



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