History - The Just Helping Story


Just Helping was founded in 2012 by Nick Stammers our Chair of Trustees. A successful Technology Entrepreneur, Nick regularly volunteers his time to aid charities and projects including the Tony Robbins Foundation. Inspired by the coming together of local communities on fundraising projects, Nick felt compelled to utilise his expertise to provide the opportunity for more communities to come together and benefit from fundraising events. 


“As the media, technology, globalisation, and pace of life distract us, there is a massive shift of focus away from our communities. We stop seeing what is in front of our eyes and we fail to recognise that it is our neighbours and people close to us that also need support. Our society is in need of a sense of community, a world where people care about each other not just their own personal achievements. Just Helping’s key aim is to re-engage communities into contributing and supporting their local and wider community” Nick Stammers 


JustHelping wants to inspire people to participate in helping others particularly in their local community. If you are inspired by this vision then please join us. Your community needs your help! 


Our Vision, Mission and Values



Our vision is to promote community engagement through volunteering. 




Our mission is to inspire and support people, businesses, charities and other organisations to contribute and volunteer in their local communities. We work together with local charities, businesses and volunteers to raise money for them through fun, community events such as the Christmas tree collection. 



Our values 

Bigger, Better, Stronger Together 



Encourage individuals, businesses and groups or associations to donate their time, expertise, and money for the benefit of their community. 



Support organisations that make a difference to the lives of people and environment in our local communities. 



Build successful partnerships and relationships in pursuit of our mission. 



We have the highest standards in everything that we do and always acting in the best interests of our communities, volunteers, partners, and supporters.